Supplements and food

Reishi Gano and Ganocelium food supplements contain a higher concentration of Reishi mushroom.

An appropriate cultivation method and environment are necessary for the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom to contain maximum medicinal properties. DXN grows red Ganoderma with the highest therapeutic effects. The length of mushroom maturation depends on the method of its cultivation. DXN uses sophisticated modern cultivation to ensure high product quality. It is a 100% organic method without the use of pesticides, hormones or any chemicals. DXN organic plantations support the concept of a friendly approach to the environment, the production plant has international certification. With this method of cultivation, it takes 3 months for the Ganoderma to mature. At a certain moment, it reaches the stage where it has formed seeds to spores – so-called spores. By breaking these spores with a special technology, an extract from the mushroom is obtained, which is up to 75 times more effective than a normally ground mushroom in a different growth stage.