Coffee of love

We welcome all coffee lovers!

We offer you groundbreaking information about your favorite drink!

Strong extract of first-class Arabica coffee with Reishi mushroom extract – this is truly a revolution in the world of health!

In a cup of our coffee, you can treat yourself to the highest quality source of health. The acidic pH of the coffee is neutralized here with a strongly alkaline extract from the Reishi mushroom – the “queen of all plants”, which also adds a healing effect to the coffee.

“Have you experienced that if the coffee is healthy, then it usually loses a lot of its taste and aroma?” The concerns are justified – the various healthy alternatives to coffee really do not satisfy us in terms of taste…

Our coffee is an absolute exception in this respect. It will offer you an intense aroma, rich foam and the taste of strong, delicious coffee. In addition, we will add that it will not overacidify your organism (tumors, fungi, etc. love an acidic environment!) and strain your heart – on the contrary, it will alleviate many of your health problems and help you maintain physical, mental, spiritual and immunological balance in your body for a long time

And why coffee of love?

After all, love comes from the heart and, according to Chinese medicine, Reishi strengthens the function of five organs: the heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidneys.

So take care of your heart by consuming our coffee, fill it with love and enjoy the beauty of life in full health.

Coffee, that delicious drink, accompanies us every step of the way.

Some people cannot imagine the beginning of the day without it, others look forward to sitting with friends over coffee in the afternoon, others use coffee to maintain mental freshness and concentration during studies or creative work… But we all agree that coffee provides its unmistakable taste and smells a magical atmosphere of every occasion.

However, almost all of us drink it with a weaker or stronger feeling of guilt about our health, because we know that it dehydrates our organism and thereby leaches calcium and other important minerals from our body. It also strongly acidifies our organism, thereby contributing to faster aging of our body and also to a greater risk of developing various diseases of civilization.

And now imagine that you could drink real coffee beans, which would not have these negative effects!
Yes, that’s coffee with the addition of a rare medicinal plant – Reishi mushroom, called Ganoderma lucidum. According to long-term research, this mushroom is the hope of modern medicine. It has been used by Chinese healers for more than 2,000 years as a “magic plant”. It is recognized as a medicine in China and Japan and is also used in hospitals as a supportive treatment in the treatment of cancer and other civilizational diseases. Current scientific research confirms that the components contained in the Reishi mushroom have a positive effect on improving health, maintaining balance in the body and prolonging life.
These exceptional properties are:

SAPONINS – prevent blood clotting, solve hidden inflammations, balance blood pressure
UP TO 6,000 ppm ORGANIC GERMANIUM – in common foods from 0.1 to 1.0 ppm
(germanium induces antitumor activity, strengthens immunity, acts as an analgesic…)

EFFECTIVE ALKALYZER – neutralizes acidity
“vitamin of the future”
– it produces enzymes,
which prevent the formation and growth of tumor cells, further reducing the risk of heart attack.

Reishi has so-called natural intelligence – this means that it diagnoses itself and brings everything in the organism to an optimal state. It affects the viscosity of the blood and thus prevents the formation of blood clots, which has a great effect on reducing the risk of bulging disease, stroke and some heart diseases. It also balances pressure and fluctuating sugar levels in diabetics. A very significant fact is that today, when every third citizen is overweight, Reishi non-violently reduces weight by adjusting and strengthening kidney function. It will bring the organism to its ideal weight, which is then easily maintained without much effort.